I have lived with a spinal cord injury (C6-7) for over 25 years. I have experienced a lot of things. But I have to admit the Retreat has been one of my most fun and memorable experience living with a Spinal Cord Injury. The atmosphere at Whispering Hope ranch is “Breath Taking” or I should say gives YOU a chance to Breath, a chance to slow down and smell the flowers (literally a lot of flowers). The days and nights are filled with fun geared toward my peers and fellow Spinal Cord Injury survivors. One of the Great things about the retreat, it allows you the space and place that a SCI person needs to either join in any of the activities or just hang out and catch up on some reading (paper work or whatever)! Anyone who has ever felt like they need to get away somewhere peaceful and fun, but was fearful that they could not because of their SCI, Fear not, this retreat is the place for You. With qualified staff (like Tina) with years of experience, You will have the time of Your Life at this Retreat!!!"

James Hinckley ,