TERASHAIN (tare-uh-shayne) is an Original band AND an Arena Rock Cover band out of Phoenix, AZ. The band has been rocking some of Arizona's biggest, and most popular rock clubs since 1990. The bands' set list ranges from Hard energetic rock from Metal Gods like Metallica, to danceable radio hits from bands like Journey and Billy Idol, and even manages to incorporate some melodic ballads into it's 4-hour cover show. This band prides itself on having the most incredible friends and loyal fans that have been following them from bar to bar for more than 20 years! When you go to a Terashain show, you are heading out to a PARTY where you can expect to relive the days of HUGE Arena rock shows with Mega sound, impressive lights, and songs you know by heart. Club owners can count on a large loyal crowd that is just out to have a good time.


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